Registration: 2019 HCCT Pre-Conference Workshop

For those also attending our pre-conference workshops: If you’re not attending the main conference, but are going to one or more of the pre-conference workshops, the fee is $195 for each workshop. If you are attending the conference, there is a discounted fee of $125 for each three hour workshop which can be purchased with your conference registration.

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Wednesday, June 12

Pre-Conference Session l: “Strategic Planning and Budgeting to Meet Future Consumer Needs: Tools You Can Use”Advanced—9 a.m.–noon

Jennifer Gingrass, Shannon Hubler, RN and Amy Zylstra, RN

With all of the current responsibilities of call center leadership focused on making sure that things are running smoothly day in and day out, planning for the future can seem like a luxury that can be delayed. However, in order to make sure that your call center stays relevant and is aligned with the continued, and sometimes changing, mission of your parent organization, strategic planning and budgeting is essential. You need to understand where you want to go and lay out a plan to get you there. Presenting this workshop is longtime healthcare call center consultant Jennifer Gingrass, and veteran healthcare call center leaders Shannon Hubler, RN and Amy Zylstra, RN.

Pre-Conference Session II: “Just Getting Started: A Comprehensive Call Center Primer for New Leaders”9 a.m.–noon

Kathy Divis and Julie Bruns

Today’s healthcare call center world is one of the most vibrant in healthcare, having evolved tremendously in recent years. If you are just entering the leadership ranks of the healthcare call center profession or would like a comprehensive refresher, this session is for you. Presenting this engaging workshop is longtime healthcare call center consultant Kathy Divis and veteran call center leader Julie Bruns.

Lunch: On your own. There are a variety of choices in the hotel and immediate neighborhood.

Pre-Conference Session III: “Understanding the Data: Assessing Your Customer Service and Call Metrics”—1:15–4:15 p.m.

Kathleen Peterson

It is one thing to produce reams of data from the call center; it is quite another thing to understand what you have and utilize it to further the performance of your call center.  In some cases too much information is collected and what you really need gets hidden in the data. In other cases, too little information is collected so you can’t use it for the intended purpose. And in still other situations, perhaps the wrong information is collected so it is in effect useless. This three hour workshop will help you work with your data better so that you can most effectively use it to assess your customer service and call metrics. Helping us get to the bottom of the data question is longtime healthcare call center consultant Kathleen Peterson.