2024 Call For Speakers is Closed


We want to express our sincere gratitude for the overwhelming response to our Call for Speakers for the upcoming HCCT in 2024. The submitted proposals showcase an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise from our esteemed community. Submissions will still be accepted for HCCT 2025.


2025 Call For Speakers


We are soliciting proposals for speakers for our 2025 conference. Contribute to your industry’s collective knowledge about call centers, contact centers, customer service and its influence on the general public by presenting your experiences. Share your “school of hard knocks” experiences, your understanding of implementation issues and your success stories. 


Healthcare Call and Contact Center’s 34th Annual Conference

June 2025

Location TBD

Call For Speakers

Calling all industry experts and thought leaders in call centers, contact centers, and customer service! We are currently seeking proposals for speakers at the 34th Annual Healthcare Call and Contact Center Conference, to be held in June 2025.

This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the collective knowledge of the industry by sharing your experiences, insights, and success stories. We encourage you to present your “school of hard knocks” experiences, shed light on implementation issues, and showcase your expertise in the field.

Sessions are generally 45 minutes in duration, including audience questions and discussions. We are particularly interested in topics related to leadership challenges (recruiting/hiring, managing remote workers, etc.) customer service successes, metrics/key performance indicators, and gaining support from senior leadership.

If you have valuable insights to share and wish to shape the future of healthcare call and contact centers, we invite you to submit your proposal. Help us create a comprehensive and enriching program that will empower attendees to excel in their roles and drive positive change within their organizations.

Please submit your proposals on any of the aforementioned topics of interest, and together, let’s make the 2025 Healthcare Call and Contact Center Conference a transformative and impactful event. We look forward to receiving your proposals and hearing from industry experts like you!


Call For Speakers

June 2025


HCCT invites you to submit a proposal on any of the following topics of interest for the Conference that will be held June 2025.

Broad categories of topics include:

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Metrics that matter
  • Scheduling and referral management
  • Lessons learned from challenges/failures/successes
  • Best practices for growth and consolidation
  • Managing a remote workforce
  • Leadership skills & development
  • Other Topics

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